Tiger Love: located on the corner of indie and indie.

Tiger Love is putting the independent back into indie! They have all the markings of a contemporary "indie band"; the unkempt look, the marriage of organic instrumentation and raw playing, with precise electronic sequences and synthesizers, the humorous lyrics and hilarious videos... But unlike most bands from the "indie genre"- who look as good, sound as polished and have as large of a following- Tiger Love breaks the mold by actually being independent! Of course that may not be the case by the time you read this; they are widely marketable, and (from what we gather) are on the hunt for a label. And as much as we at indieAndie hate to hear that, we can't blame them. They have "the goods" and they have acquired a good amount of success on their own. And if they feel a label will help them reach the next rung in their career, we wish them the best of luck. After all, good musicians who work at music professionally deserve to make a decent living (we just wish it didn't take a label to do that, or that labels didn't suck the creativity and money out of their musicians). But all titles/labels/speculation aside, Tiger Love is simply a good band that makes you want to get up and dance, and for the time being we're happy they are a part of the independent music world! 

Tiger Love has less information online about themselves than any band we have ever come across. Their entire bio reads, "New band and an upcoming pop sensation 'Tiger Love', formed in 2010 by brothers Roy and Gigi, and underage drummer Loral." Instead of unnecessary commentary (which is our department) they let their music and their videos do the talking for them- so take a listen! 

Under Control by Tiger Love

indieAndie is thrilled to share an independent band with so much commercial potential! Whatever the future holds for this bunch, we wish them all the success and creative control the music industry has to offer. 

Pussy Cocaine by Tiger Love

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