Grunge is alive in the music of Chad Robinson

From the second I pressed play on Chad Robinson's Beatslave, a syncopated and heavy acoustic grunge ballad in drop D, I was transported back to my early days as a music lover growing up in Seattle in the 90's. His sound is somewhat reminiscent of Alice In Chains, with virtuosic and dark guitar playing, accompanied by rough but sweet melodic vocals floating above. 
In the true indie spirit, Chad records, produces, promotes and markets his own music from his home in WA. This independence allows Robinson the freedom to give away Beatslave for free right here on indieAndie through his Reverbnation music player (see below)!
indieAndie is so thrilled to be sharing this music with our readers for free, that we would like to make up an award for Chad. So... Chad Robinson is the first recipient of the coveted indieAndie "Keeping Grunge Alive" award, for creating music that transports us to a better place!

Check out Beatslave by Chad Robinson on iTunes.


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  2. Auriemma says......CHAD ROBINSON RULES!!!!!!!!!!!