T Dawn takes us Beyond The Dawn.

T Dawn is a gifted singer/songwriter/musician out of Riverside, CA, with a massive online presence. Her music is drenched in the epic-rock-ballad tradition of the 80's, yet she keeps a foot firmly grounded in the now. T Dawn has a hauntingly soulful and dynamic voice, which gives her entire catalogue a patently distinct 'T Dawn sound'. 

But her music is only a part of T Dawn's 'indie' success story. T Dawn is an ardent advocate of independent music and musicians. She tirelessly puts herself out there for the world to discover, and works hard to help prop up the independent artists she meets along her journey. She is the host of Beyond the Dawn, a radio show that features independent musicians from around the world (including some of our own spotlighted artists!) So do yourself a favor and take a moment to enjoy T Dawn's music, check out Beyond the Dawn, and support an artist who has helped support so many others! 

Listen to T Dawn's new single Controlled By Vanity

Listen to T Dawn's Crash Down, a beautiful ambient ballad. It has about 20 seconds of silence at the beginning so just chill and get ready to chill even harder! 

Listen to T Dawn's Highest Light; a pretty acoustic ballad with a strong vocal performance.

Check out T Dawn's radio show, Beyond The Dawn.


Guns of Nevada prove that Seattle still rocks!

There has been a totally unintentional bias towards bands from the Northwest recently, especially Seattle. But don't assume that this is out of laziness. We are scouring the Earth for great independent acts as you read this, and we promise that other regions will be featured soon :) But the fact is that independent Rock and Roll is burgeoning anew out of the once great music mecca! And since 2007, the Guns of Nevada have been leaving their mark all over Seattle's vivacious soundscape. 

The Guns of Nevada are "true believers in PBR: Punk, Blues, Rock". They playfully admit to "stealing from the likes of the Ramones, AC/DC and The Man in Black", but their unique blend of punk rock, alt-country, a dash of Americana, and high-voltage energy, produces something greater than a simple combination of their influences. They have created a sound that makes you want to move and howl! Rock fans around the Northwest do yourself a favor and head out to see the Guns of Nevada live (click here for upcoming shows). The rest of ya'll, enjoy the Guns of Nevada from afar, and don't fight the stirring in your soul.

Listen to "Ain't No Story" by the Guns of Nevada. 

To top it all off, their 'record label' is listed as 
"Label?.... we don't need no steenking label". Oh yeah Andie Likey! 

This post was written by Andie's chief rock corresponded Shia. 


Tiger Love: located on the corner of indie and indie.

Tiger Love is putting the independent back into indie! They have all the markings of a contemporary "indie band"; the unkempt look, the marriage of organic instrumentation and raw playing, with precise electronic sequences and synthesizers, the humorous lyrics and hilarious videos... But unlike most bands from the "indie genre"- who look as good, sound as polished and have as large of a following- Tiger Love breaks the mold by actually being independent! Of course that may not be the case by the time you read this; they are widely marketable, and (from what we gather) are on the hunt for a label. And as much as we at indieAndie hate to hear that, we can't blame them. They have "the goods" and they have acquired a good amount of success on their own. And if they feel a label will help them reach the next rung in their career, we wish them the best of luck. After all, good musicians who work at music professionally deserve to make a decent living (we just wish it didn't take a label to do that, or that labels didn't suck the creativity and money out of their musicians). But all titles/labels/speculation aside, Tiger Love is simply a good band that makes you want to get up and dance, and for the time being we're happy they are a part of the independent music world! 

Tiger Love has less information online about themselves than any band we have ever come across. Their entire bio reads, "New band and an upcoming pop sensation 'Tiger Love', formed in 2010 by brothers Roy and Gigi, and underage drummer Loral." Instead of unnecessary commentary (which is our department) they let their music and their videos do the talking for them- so take a listen! 

Under Control by Tiger Love

indieAndie is thrilled to share an independent band with so much commercial potential! Whatever the future holds for this bunch, we wish them all the success and creative control the music industry has to offer. 

Pussy Cocaine by Tiger Love


Grunge is alive in the music of Chad Robinson

From the second I pressed play on Chad Robinson's Beatslave, a syncopated and heavy acoustic grunge ballad in drop D, I was transported back to my early days as a music lover growing up in Seattle in the 90's. His sound is somewhat reminiscent of Alice In Chains, with virtuosic and dark guitar playing, accompanied by rough but sweet melodic vocals floating above. 
In the true indie spirit, Chad records, produces, promotes and markets his own music from his home in WA. This independence allows Robinson the freedom to give away Beatslave for free right here on indieAndie through his Reverbnation music player (see below)!
indieAndie is so thrilled to be sharing this music with our readers for free, that we would like to make up an award for Chad. So... Chad Robinson is the first recipient of the coveted indieAndie "Keeping Grunge Alive" award, for creating music that transports us to a better place!

Check out Beatslave by Chad Robinson on iTunes.