Guns of Nevada prove that Seattle still rocks!

There has been a totally unintentional bias towards bands from the Northwest recently, especially Seattle. But don't assume that this is out of laziness. We are scouring the Earth for great independent acts as you read this, and we promise that other regions will be featured soon :) But the fact is that independent Rock and Roll is burgeoning anew out of the once great music mecca! And since 2007, the Guns of Nevada have been leaving their mark all over Seattle's vivacious soundscape. 

The Guns of Nevada are "true believers in PBR: Punk, Blues, Rock". They playfully admit to "stealing from the likes of the Ramones, AC/DC and The Man in Black", but their unique blend of punk rock, alt-country, a dash of Americana, and high-voltage energy, produces something greater than a simple combination of their influences. They have created a sound that makes you want to move and howl! Rock fans around the Northwest do yourself a favor and head out to see the Guns of Nevada live (click here for upcoming shows). The rest of ya'll, enjoy the Guns of Nevada from afar, and don't fight the stirring in your soul.

Listen to "Ain't No Story" by the Guns of Nevada. 

To top it all off, their 'record label' is listed as 
"Label?.... we don't need no steenking label". Oh yeah Andie Likey! 

This post was written by Andie's chief rock corresponded Shia. 

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