T Dawn takes us Beyond The Dawn.

T Dawn is a gifted singer/songwriter/musician out of Riverside, CA, with a massive online presence. Her music is drenched in the epic-rock-ballad tradition of the 80's, yet she keeps a foot firmly grounded in the now. T Dawn has a hauntingly soulful and dynamic voice, which gives her entire catalogue a patently distinct 'T Dawn sound'. 

But her music is only a part of T Dawn's 'indie' success story. T Dawn is an ardent advocate of independent music and musicians. She tirelessly puts herself out there for the world to discover, and works hard to help prop up the independent artists she meets along her journey. She is the host of Beyond the Dawn, a radio show that features independent musicians from around the world (including some of our own spotlighted artists!) So do yourself a favor and take a moment to enjoy T Dawn's music, check out Beyond the Dawn, and support an artist who has helped support so many others! 

Listen to T Dawn's new single Controlled By Vanity

Listen to T Dawn's Crash Down, a beautiful ambient ballad. It has about 20 seconds of silence at the beginning so just chill and get ready to chill even harder! 

Listen to T Dawn's Highest Light; a pretty acoustic ballad with a strong vocal performance.

Check out T Dawn's radio show, Beyond The Dawn.

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