Ottawa’s got Soul!

John Carroll is a seasoned songwriter and composer with 25 years of experience at his back and an active voice in Ottawa's music scene. Carroll is a true performer and a staple at The Chateau Lafayette, where his folk-tales and blues-riffs can be heard every Wednesday night. As a songwriter and poet, Carroll fits comfortably into a variety of genres and time-periods, all the while synthesizing the eclectic elements in his music into a coherent, contemporary and colorful sound. His tune "Lost Radio", off of his like-titled 2008 album, is a magnificent piece of songwriting—his melancholic sound couples perfectly with the hopeful lyrics to create an overwhelming sense of beauty. 
While listening to his recordings an incredible desire arose within me to see him live and I can only imagine how great those Wednesday nights at The Chateau Lafayette must be. Keep telling your stories John Carroll! We here at IndieAndie will keep listening and invite our readers to do the same. 

Check out and download music by John Carroll @ cdbaby or at his website

John Carroll has released two full length solo albums "The True Confessions of an Infamous Liar," in 2003, and "Lost Radio," in 2008. Carroll has a forthcoming album with his band the Epic Proportions, due out this Fall.

"Lost Radio" by John Carroll

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