Check out this movie, Before The Music Dies.

How can we reconcile that we live in a time when high quality recordings can be produced from home and the largest distributors in history (iTunes and Amazon) are open to all artists, yet popular music is increasingly formulaic and radio playlists are shrinking? How is it that major labels no longer control the modes of production or the channels of distribution of music, while remaining in control of nearly all the music that moves through those channels with force and ends up on the charts? Before The Music Dies is a fascinating documentary that addresses many of the questions that leave today's artists and music lovers perplexed and disheartened.
From the consolidation of power in the music industry, to the takeover of executive posts at major record labels by MBAs with no appreciation for music, to the rise of MTV and a visual orientation to music, to technology that makes it easy to cover up and correct lousy performances, to our culture's growing emphasis on physical beauty and youth, to our youth's tranquil acceptance of musical formulas and craving of more of the same... Before The Music Dies rounds up majors, indies, fans and executives, and pieces together an in depth understanding of how the music industry evolved into something that pumps out what Bob Dylan has labeled "pollution". It is a fascinating and well-told story, filled with interviews, archival footage, live performances and humor.
So next time you have a movie night, fire up indieAndie, turn on Before The Music Dies, hit the full screen button, and then let us know what you thought, and what you think the future holds! Desperate times call for imaginative solutions.

Having trouble viewing the video above? Check it out directly @ For our readers in countries that block hulu, we hope you can find this movie somewhere else online. In the meantime check out the trailer on Youtube.

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