Worlds of sound collide at the crossroads of America.

Upon listening to Jordan Danielsen's music for the first time I was struck with a familiarity that caught me off guard. My mind went racing, throughout America, across the Atlantic and over the last six decades of music, to place all of the rich sounds and ideas that I was hearing, which to my surprise, were coming out of Iowa, circa 2011! 
Danielsen's sound is undeniably rich in Rock and Roll tradition. He bucks the sound-trend that so many of today's 'indie' bands conform to in the pursuit of contemporaneity (new and deliberately unique instrumentation and vocals, synthesized sounds, etc.) in favor of tried and true themes that have been working for Rock and Rollers since the birth of the genre. Danielsen serves up a cocktail of upbeat acoustic rhythm guitar, funky backing horns, soulful solos, smooth vocal crooning, rhythmic singing, country twang, blue notes, nostalgia, optimism... and like all good cocktails, it goes down easy and feels great! Danielsen's music is a welcome reminder that ordinary elements- a straightforward melody, standard time signature, heartfelt lyrics, etc.- can add up to something quite extraordinary. And that music that sounds good, and feels good, will always have a market. Speaking of which... you can find Danielsen's latest album Night Alone In The City @ iTunes and other online stores

Check out "Company" by Jordan Danielsen

"Summer of 99"

For more of Jordan Danielsen's music head to Reverbnation.

Jordan Danielsen may be coming to your town soon!
Check out the tour schedule below and don't miss a night good music and fun.

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